A fast and secure (access) process thanks to the XS-ID and XS-Key

Companies that join the XS-ID community make collective agreements about the exchange of personal data. This makes it possible to speed up (port) processes considerably and at the same time make it a lot more privacy-friendly. Providing the same personal data over and over is not efficient and also involves many risks.

Preconditions of the XS-ID community are the safeguarding of privacy, efficiency and reliability. Under the names CargoCard, PortKey and Digital Safety Passport, craftsmen have a secure identity for their work environment, which provides both online and physical certainty about identity and qualifications.

The CargoCard, PortKey and the Digital Safety Passport are now indispensable at around 110 acceptance points, 4.600 companies from 33 countries and 53.000 users. 

Will you join us?

The more companies join the XS-ID community, the greater the privacy and efficiency benefits. Therefore, join the XS-ID community and experience the ease and reliability. Thanks to our interfaces with the most common access control systems, terminal operating and gate operating systems, we can connect your company quickly and effectively.

Personal identification and verification

Our XS-Keys are biometrically encrypted

Biometrically secured

All data on CargoCard, PortKey and Digital Safety Passport are biometrically secured. We follow all relevant technological developments and are a member of the VVBI (Vereniging voor Biometrie en Identiteit). 

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