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Trust is key to our community

We are happy to welcome you as our new customer! As you probably know, trust is the foundation of our services. Without this trust, companies would be forced to determine the identity of people who report physically or digitally to the gate. This is a time-consuming, costly and privacy-unfriendly process for both parties. It is therefore important that we know who is joining the user community of the XS-ID services.  

In order to continue to guarantee security in your and our interests, we therefore restrict access to the XS-ID platform to customers we know.

We do this with a number of measures:

  • Only a person authorised to sign, who is listed with the company in the trade register, can conclude a contract.
  • The drawing expert identifies himself online via the secure XS-ID Intake app. This app is secure, does not store any data and does not leave any data behind. 
  • The person authorised to draw is identified and receives an XS-ID.
  • The authorised signatory logs on with his XS-ID to XS-ID Online, registers his company and concludes a contract of his choice.

 Yes, I am authorised to sign and want a secure account and start