CTVrede-Steinweg BV is a logistics service provider in the field of inland container transport by water & road and everything related to it. The company has two container terminals and is specialised in organising 'just in time' and cost efficient transport for its customers. 

The terminal on HoogTij offers a new concept to the (Zaan) industry. The sheds are located directly behind the crane, eliminating the last-mile in the logistics chain. This ISPS location must carefully register its visitors. Here too, CT Vrede uses the solution of Secure Logistics, to which all barriers and doors are connected. We asked André Klous, system manager, how the cooperation is working out.

The solution: CargoCard/Cloud solution XS-ID Visitor/Interface Modality/Server Management

André Klous says: "For me it is important that a supplier thinks along and takes care of things. That's what Secure Logistics does. You provide a total solution for access to our terminals. This is something that needs to be well organised, so we can focus on the efficient shipping of cargo and make sure we can serve our customers better every day.

Our terminal in Hoogtij is different in terms of layout from the classic terminal. The terminal operates largely unmanned. Together with Secure Logistics, we looked at how we could best organise access. For example, we removed the truck counters. The cooperation is very pleasant. In an innovative project like this, you really need a partner who thinks along, is flexible and dares to take risks. By the latter I mean that you dive into the mud together to solve problems. And look to the future'.

Time saving      

It is difficult to estimate how much time we save thanks to Secure Logistics, because it often concerns hidden costs. I estimate about 32 hours per month. But that is not the most important thing, the main thing is that we can focus on our core business. And we are more flexible in scaling up our capacity.

I cannot think of any points for improvement, I am very satisfied. Secure Logistics just does it right, thinks along, responds quickly to changes and provides good service. My contacts Richard Markus and Patrick Lammerts are always there for us. If I had to give a mark, it would be nine" concludes André.