Pioneer in security, identity and access

We have been a pioneer in the field of secure, smart and privacy proof identity and access management solutions for business users in logistics, construction and industry since 2003.

We believe that our user communities should be able to optimize their business online and offline in complete confidence and at maximum speed. Thanks to verified information about employer, employee and qualifications, our XS ID’s - CargoCard / PortKey / Digital Safety Passport - accelerate physical and online (access) processes by up to 60%. Personal data is therefore optimally protected.

Privacy-by-mindset is our business philosophy. Everything we do is dedicated to the protection of Personal Data. Our Data Protection Officer supervises internal security and processing of personal data.

The XS Community grows

Each day 4,900 companies from 33 countries with thousands of employees rely on efficient and secure data exchange via the XS-ID. The XS-ID is accepted at ca 100 companies in three countries. And new companies join every week. Do you also connect?

Of course

Our processes are certified according to ISO9001 and ISO27001.


Sharing data effortless thanks to iSHARE

Due to the increasing digitization of business processes, we see an increasing role for our XS-ID, so that employees can also identify themselves securely in online applications. One of the examples in which our XS-ID is already being used is iSHARE.

iSHARE is a uniform set of agreements or scheme that enables organizations to give each other access to their data. Organizations that comply to these agreements, all work with the same identification, authentication and authorization methods, they do not need to keep making new agreements every time they want to share data.

We are an Identity Provider within the iSHARE data-sharing scheme. This means that everyone who has an XS-ID can safely log in to the applications or systems of organizations that are part of the iSHARE community.

As a founding member of iSHARE, we are closely involved in the further development and implementation of the data-sharing scheme.