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XS-ID system

The XS-ID for smart & privacyproof access and identitymanagement

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XS-ID: The Privacy solution

Every day we exchange considerable amounts of personal data. Consider, for example, a regular access process. Before you enter a premises, you must submit vulnerable personal data. The risks this entails, require a well-considered, secure privay solution.

With our XS-ID's and XS-Keys - CargoCard, PortKey or Digital Safety Passport - you can safely share your personal data in your work environment. You decide who you share which data with in a safe and smart mannere via the XS-ID and XS-Key.

Companies that accept the XS-ID's and XS-Keys can organize their (access) process efficiently, reliably and privay-proof. Our experts are able to quickly and effectively translate specific wishes into a suitable solution, so that your (access) process is safe, fast and privacy-proof.

More than 7700 companies, 50000 employees from 33 countries are already experiencing the benefits of the XS-Key system.


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